Fun And Learning At Mingei International Museum

The Valley Mission Resort  encourage you to visit the Mingei International Museum.
They were established in 1978 by Martha Longenecker, an artist craftsman who studied the art of pottery-making in Japan. She loved art and wanted to share the many types of art in the world. In doing so she created the 41,000 square foot facility in Balboa Park, on the central square along with other notable art museums such as the San Diego Museum of Art and the Timken Museum of Art. The museum is now filled with over 19,600 bits of folk art and craft design. These pieces come from over 140 different countries, and bring to life the varied cultures of the world.

The museum is host to six exhibition galleries as well as a multimedia educational center. There is also a theatre and The Collector’s Gallery, that also serves as a store and reference library. They have a family day every third Sunday where your children and you can get in for a little cheaper than full price and then your kids can make arts and crafts. The museum host an all kinds of public events such as illustrated lectures and films. They also have designer craftsman demonstrations for all ages. They have all kinds of workshops, music and also host theatre and dancing. They have received accreditation from distinguished associations such as the American Association of Museums in 1996, and again in April of 2000 by the same association. They have companion videos that have been shown on KPBS that were also nominated for an Emmy Award.

The Mingei International Museum is run by a Board of Trustees that oversee its operation, and has an International advisory Board that represents over 14 countries. Some of the more colorful art would be perfect for smaller children as they tend to love the brighter colors, also this museum caters to school age children with the large group packages. They offer two types of tours as well, you can do the self guided tour or you can do the tour where an official tour guide walks you around and describes the artist and where the piece comes from. Another interesting factoid is that two of the statues that stand outside of the museum are from the renowned artist Nikki de Saint Phalle. So please come and enjoy all that we have to offer.



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