Where Can a Giraffe Skull, a Titanic Replica and a 3,000 Carat Necklace All Be Found?

The San Diego Natural History Museum is a must-visit for guests at Mission Valley Resort. The family friendly museum features fascinating exhibitions and a state-of-the-art 3D theater.

For guests who are history buffs or just loved the film Titanic, the museum features a Titanic artifact exhibition. Over 200 artifacts that were retrieved from the ship’s debris field are displayed. The exhibit gives visitors the chance to discover the personal stories behind passengers of the Titanic. A recreation of the ship’s interior helps to make the experience realistic to museum visitors.

Another exhibit at the museum, SKULLS, may sound creepy, but it gives a fascinating look into the anatomies of hundreds of species. Types of animal skulls ranging from the skulls of giant giraffes and rhinoceros to miniature lizards and snakes are featured. Children will have the opportunity to create their own skull on the SKULLS chalkboard.

The All that Glitters exhibit, which displays hundreds of natural minerals, gems and crystals, is perfect for geology and jewelry-lovers alike. In addition to featuring enormous rubies, sapphires, diamonds and opals, the exhibit also presents intricately crafted jewelry such as the 3,106-carat Colligan diamond necklace. A few surprises in the exhibit, such as a replica of the Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Fantasy Bra and a carousel egg, which is a miniature replica of the carousel at the San Diego Zoo, also pop up. The exhibit might be a sight to see, but it is also educational. Visitors will learn the history of the gem and mineral discovery in California. For instance, many will be surprised to learn that the 1849 Gold Rush also occurred in San Diego. The science behind crystal formation and gem composition will also be explained throughout the exhibit.

With the arrival of hit films such as Avatar, 3D films have become incredibly popular. Those who are fans of 3D films will appreciate the museum’s stunning Dolby® 3D giant screen movie theater. Unlike many museums, the tickets to the theater are included with paid admission. Several films play in the theater on any given day. One of those films, Sea Rex 3D: Journey to a Prehistoric World, explores the underwater universe in the prehistoric age. If you wish that the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week should occur every week instead of once a year, you should check out Sharks 3D, which offers an up-close look at multiple species of the ocean’s most dangerous creature.



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