Mardi Gras San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Style

This year, Mardi Gras celebrations in the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego will take place on February 8, 2012. While Mardi Gras in San Diego is not quite as rosaceous as that in New Orleans, the people in the Gas Lamp Quarter really go all out to make it a fun time. Mission Valley Resort guests will certainly have the time of their lives.

Mardi Gras originated in Germany where Catholic communities let it all hang out for one last night before the sacrifices of Lent. In San Diego, they start off the fun at six in the evening with a giant parade down San Diego’s Fifth Avenue. The parade is a lot of fun with many local celebrities in sports and entertainment. Many people come from Los Angeles for Mardi Gras in San Diego. The party, which starts with the parade, goes on until midnight.

Every shop has its own special thing happening, and there is an amazing mix of great food, strong drinks and millions and millions of beads. Just like in New Orleans, the largest of Mardi Gras celebrations in America, for some reason beads are a big attraction.

As gluttony is okay on Mardi Gras night, each restaurant tries to outdo its competition by offering the largest meals and the lowest prices. You will never eat so much for so little money on any other night of the year.

Be aware that for this event in the Gaslamp Quarter no one under 21 years of age is admitted. Bring only yourself, your ticket (which will be available at the front desk) and a way to pay for food and drink. Leave all your belongings safely locked in your room as no bags, cameras, large purses or backpacks of any kind will be allowed. Mission Valley Resort will have shuttle transportation available. Guests should check at the front desk for details.

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