Get Ready For The World Fitness Idea Convention in San Diego

If you’re planning a trip to Southwest California make reservations to the charming Mission Valley Resort In San Diego. While you’re enjoying all of the amenities of our hotel, we’re extending a personal invitation to all of our guests to attend the World Fitness Idea Convention from July 5-8 2012. This is a very special year for the convention, marking the 30th anniversary. Attendants can expect to receive some extra surprises with this year’s celebration. Whether you’re in San Diego for business or pleasure the World Fitness Idea convention will definitely leave a lasting impression. Here is the run down of what you’ll see while at the San Diego Convention Center:

*300+ sessions of the best fitness education presented by 180 top industry leaders.

*Opportunity to earn up to 20 continuing education credits.

*Meet famous personal fitness trainers featuring: Tony Horton, Louis Van Amstel, Chalene Johnson, Todd

Durkin, and more.

*Come and shop the IDEA Fitness & Wellness Expo for discounts on the hottest products and services from

over 200 booths.

*Special sessions and amazing workout routines.

With all of the fun-filled activities planned for the 30th anniversary of the 2012 World Fitness Idea Convention in San Diego, you’ll be sorry if you miss it! Scheduling for the event is as follows:

Registration Hours

7:30am – 8:00 PM

Preconference Treats

9:00am – 7:00pm

Evening Activities


7:30 – 8:30pm Reception ceremony for international attendees

Let Mission Valley Resort be your destination hotel when you plan to come to San Diego, and let the World Fitness Idea Convention 2012 be your destination Friday, Saturday and Sunday to get the inside scoop on new workouts, hot products and services, and a chance to meet world renowned fitness trainers in person! Find hotels in San Diego under 50$ in our webpage!


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