Discover Best 3 Afternoon Tea in San Diego

Legend has it that afternoon tea originated in England during the reign of Queen Victoria. The noon meal became increasingly smaller, leaving the Duchess of Bedford with fatigue by late afternoon. The Duchess began ordering a pot of tea and bread products a few hours after lunch. She eventually invited friends to join her for this light meal, which often included bread and butter sandwiches, cakes and a selection of sweets accompanied by a pot of tea. The Duchess continued hosting teas upon returning to London. The small gatherings of family and friends gained popularity and soon other socialites began hosting afternoon tea parties.

Take a much needed break from the hassle and stress of everyday living and enjoy the British tradition of afternoon tea. Reserve a spot at the Savory Casual Fare restaurant and indulge in a couple of hours of revitalization. With years of experience in European cuisine, the Savory’s owner Chef Pascal offers a variety of delectable delights along with a lovely pot of tea. The many treats offered include a wide selection of finger sandwiches and pastries. Try freshly baked scones topped with the chef’s homemade lemon curd or rose petal jam. Add an extravagant flair to your afternoon break by enjoying a glass of sparkling wine.

Journey to the Westgate Hotel for an elegant weekend afternoon tea. Open to the general public by reservation, the facility also hosts private teas per request. Relax while listening to the soothing sounds of a heavenly harp. Choose from a wide selection of black, green or white teas. The Westgate also offers a selection of herbal fusion teas. The array of regal sandwiches includes choux stuffed with egg salad or Scottish salmon mousse. The service also includes a variety of cheeses, cucumber rosettes and black tiger shrimp. Try golden raisin scones topped with Devonshire cream or any number of elegant freshly baked pastries.

The luxurious furnishings of the Grand Del Mar set the mood in the majestic location that includes inviting fireplaces, a traditional elegant library and an impressive marble bar. Partake in a traditional high afternoon tea from Friday to Sunday in the presence of antique books, classical music and handsome furniture presented in the library. Unwind with a pot of fine tea or choose from a selection of wines. The tea menu includes a selection of delicious finger sandwiches and gourmet pastries in keeping with the historic British tradition.


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