San Diego Best Summer Festivals That You Should Not Miss

Sunny weather, gorgeous beaches and endless activities are San Diego’s specialties. This Californian Golden-State metropolis is a year-round vacation destination, offering a number of attractions and activity choices. The city’s biggest draw, 70 miles of extensive coastline and the SoCal culture, attract many visitors. Indeed, there is a lot to do by the water in San Diego, but you should resist the temptation to spend most of your vacation days by the water as you will certainly miss out on the rest of all the things that the city has to offer.

If you are in San Diego this August, then don’t miss the popular Spirits Festival. This nationally acclaimed event is all about cocktails, culture and culinary delights. Enjoy some hand-crafted spirits or take part in some competitions to learn more about the city’s vibrant culture, tourism and history. Taste some authentic tequila or flavored vodka, whiskey, rum and much more at this popular festival of San Diego. Enjoy exploring the venue of Port Pier Pavilion as it transforms into a vibrant lounge especially for this event.

Summer in San Diego is not just about the beaches and sun. This summer will bring a boom as the city is getting ready to host the SoCal Music Festival for the first time. On Labor Day weekend, this first annual SoCal Festival will be in the vibrant Downtown of San Diego. Come to San Diego’s East Village during this time for a fun-filled experience at the brand new large-scale music event. Three major local entertainment companies have come together to host this annual SoCal Music Festival in San Diego. Join the celebration from 2 p.m. till the clock strikes midnight, and have an enjoyable time in this beautiful Californian city.

San Diego’s most renowned beer festival returns to the city on Friday, September 21, to celebrate its 18th anniversary. This year, a large number of guests are expected at the event of San Diego Festival of Beer. Guests can sample authentic Californian beer from over 60 different local and outside breweries at this fest. You will be surprised to see over 120 varieties of the best craft beer varieties at this San Diego Beer Festival. Enjoy sampling some of your favorite beer while watching some live music shows at any of the two stages at the San Diego Beer Festival. Entice your appetite with some freshly cooked local delicacies that you can purchase from the stalls, local food trucks and restaurants. This popular fund-raising event donates all money to local cancer charities.

San Diego’s eclectic music event list also includes the Adams Avenue Street Fair. Come and join this joyous fest of art and music, held at the end of September. The Adams Avenue Street Fair is a diverse music and arts festival, held at a street-style fair setting. You will surely love the quaint, yet attractive, setting of this music fest. The best part is this event doesn’t charge any entry fee. Just come here to explore the artworks of more than 50 artists and to watch live performances with music ranging from classical to jazz, and folk to Cajun and country blues at this Southern California’s largest free street festival.

San Diego is gaining popularity as a cultural tourist hub with its vibrant array of cultural, music and arts fests. The city’s rich diverse history and wide array of tourist attractions make it a prime vacation and cultural destination in Southern California. Certainly, there is much to see and explore in this city, starting from its bustling downtown to the city’s seaside villages. No wonder, the city is known as a great beach vacation spot with its wide choice of theme parks, cultural fests, beaches and lively nightlife scene.

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