Everything You Should Know Before Visiting Seaport Village

San Diego, California, is a spectacular vacation destination.

While there is much to see and do throughout the entire San Diego area, there is perhaps no district more perfect for a visit than Seaport Village. This spot is located near downtown San Diego, occupying 90,000 square feet along the shores of the San Diego Bay. The area was developed for tourism in the 1970s and has become a popular stopping place for visitors and locals alike thanks to its ambiance. Seaport Village may be small in size, but it is large in potential. Guests can indulge any preference and many pastimes in Seaport Village as long as they know where to look.

Seaport Village Beautiful Sunset

Therefore, before planning a trip, it is important to know the full range of options. To get started, here is everything you need to know before your trip to this secret place.

Sights  Seaport Village Tourism: Safe Convenient Location and Great Family Spot
It may seem obvious, but one of the best reasons to visit Seaport Village is the view of the water. Seaport Village is prime waterfront property, and guests can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the bay. Many of the restaurants feature seating with water views, making it easy for everyone to appreciate the water during their time in Seaport.

Better still, this place may be a newer development, but it was built with aesthetics in mind. The buildings may not be historical, but they are distinctive and diverse, representing architectural styles ranging from Victorian to traditional Mexican. Seaport Village was also designed with foot traffic in mind. Since the entire area is meant to be car-free, there are walking paths instead of streets, making it easy to wander through Seaport Village, appreciating the views and the overall atmosphere.


Seaport Village may be relatively small, but there is still plenty to do. Guests can enjoy a variety of street vendors during their time in Seaport Village with options for face painting, balloon art and more. There are also a number of free concerts near the East Plaza Gazebo including a performance every Sunday afternoon. There is also a range of seasonal events in Seaport Village. This includes selections such as Breakfast with Santa or Easter Bunny Photos. Seaport Village is also a stop on larger San Diego tours like the Old Town Trolley and SEAL Tours.

While all of these activities are enjoyable, there is perhaps nothing more noteworthy than the historic carousel. This carousel is over 100 years old and features hand-carved wood. There are 54 animals to choose from and two horse-drawn chariots that are well suited for younger and older riders. Rides are $2 per person, making the carousel an essential attraction during a visit to Seaport Village. A whole Family retreat…

Seaport Village 2013 Boat

Cultural Attractions

Though Seaport Village is geared toward tourism, there are still opportunities to gain a little cultural depth while visiting. Seaport Village has participated in a variety of art events and has even been part of San Diego’s popular Art Walk during the summer. There are several galleries in Seaport Village that are open all year. Art selections may vary widely, but there are collections that reflect Seaport Village’s connection with the water by featuring a wide variety of marine life.


Seaport Village has some of the most spectacular eateries in all of San Diego. In addition to the water views offered by many restaurants in the area, Seaport Village also has restaurants that provide an eclectic variety of high quality food. For high end tastes and unbeatable views, guests can try the San Diego Pier Cafe or the Edgewater Grill. Perhaps the most distinctive restaurant is the Harbor House, which is built on a pier overlooking the water.

There are also a number of more casual dining opportunities in Seaport Village, making it easy to satisfy any taste and fit any budget. Guests can try fish at Marion’s Fish Market or indulge a need for Latin flair at Margarita’s Kitchen and Cantina. Other restaurant selections include Greek, delis, pizza, American and more. For dessert, guests can try Frosted Robin Cupcakes, Candy Shack & Yogurt and the Seaport Cookie Co.

Ultimately, it is easy to never eat in the same place twice while staying in Seaport Village, which is why people from all around San Diego stop here to fill their stomachs.


If the dining is spectacular, the shopping in Seaport Village is simply unparalleled. Seaport Village is home to over 50 shops, representing a wide range of retail opportunities. There are numerous shops for clothing including San Diego Surf Co. and Del Sol. There are also specialty clothing stores like Urban Girl Accessories or Harley Davidson San Diego.

The options do not stop with clothing. There are stores like American Nostalgia, which features memorabilia, and Apple Box, which sells a range of unique toys. There are stores that sell household items, kitchen accessories, bath and body supplies and other accessories. Guests are also sure to discover plenty of souvenir shops to find the perfect knickknack to commemorate their visit.

The shops are all easily accessible from the walking paths. This convenience makes shopping not only easy but enjoyable as well.


Seaport Village is designed to be car-free, but there is parking available outside the walking paths. To this end, Seaport Village is accessible from I-5 and 163 through downtown San Diego. Exits are clearly marked to help facilitate traffic flow. Parking is paid and is determined by hour. Discounts are available for visitors who purchase at least one item during their stay in Seaport Village.

Seaport Village is located within walking distance of many areas of San Diego and is connected to various hotels and the convention center via boardwalk. This makes Seaport Village easily accessible by foot from a variety of locations throughout San Diego. Guests can also use public transportation to reach Seaport Village, and the area is part of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System. There are also various tours that include Seaport Village as part of their overall route.

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