Celebrate the Fall with the Del Mar Harvest Festival – October 17 2014

The end of summer can be a dreary prospect for some people. To make the transition a little easier, be sure to make time for the Harvest Festival in Del Mar, California.

Harvest Festival in Del Mar, CaliforniaThe Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft is designed to provide a weekend of complete entertainment. The heart of the festival, however, is definitely the crafts and art. Vendors and artisans from around the region display their work for a wide range of visitors. Guests, on the other hand, can appreciate a distinctive selection of crafts and artwork. This makes the festival a great place to go shopping for knickknacks, home decor, gifts and more. Some of the options include jewelry, photography, wood carvings, clothing and more. With so many products readily available, everyone is sure to find something fun during their time at the festival.

wood carvingsWhile the crafts are the main attraction, the festival has much more to offer. There will be live music on hand, including performances by local favorites like Captain Jack Spareribs and the Doo Wah Riders. While these stage performances are worth a stop, guests can also enjoy live performances while they shop with strolling entertainers to keep the experience fresh and fun. Demonstrations will also be held throughout the weekend, allowing guests to learn new things during their time at the festival.

The Harvest Festival is even a great choice for families. Kids are welcome throughout the entire weekend. In fact, kids under the age of 12 can get into the event free with the purchase of one adult ticket. There is no need to worry about little ones being bored. In addition to the scintillating atmosphere, there are even kid friendly activities in the Kidzone.

There are Harvest Festivals held throughout the fall at various locations in Southern California. The Del Mar Harvest Festival will start on October 17 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, which are located not far from San Diego. With three days of entertainment, many people may need to stay the night in order to appreciate all that the festival has to offer. If that is the case, be sure to book a room at the Mission Valley Resort. The Mission Valley Resort is located not far away in San Diego, and it offers the best amenities in the area with resort style accommodations. 

Make your reservations soon, and secure your place at the Del Mar Harvest Festival.


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