Make Your San Diego Wedding Day Memorable with Creative Cakes

Gone are the days of the traditional wedding cake, overflowing in ribbons and white frosting. These days, brides and grooms in San Diego are opting for modernistic wedding cakes that are fun, fresh and inviting for any audience. When you host a wedding in beautiful San Diego, it is important to pick out a wedding cake that enhances the beauty of the occasion. The wedding cake can serve as a major focal point, as it may add to the wedding theme or serve as an expression of the wedded couple’s interests. Here are some of the top wedding cake designs to consider for your special day.

White Wedding Cake Photo taken in Gaslamp San Diego

Beautiful Wedding Cake

Consider the Theme of Your Special Day

Some couples love to make their wedding day about a special theme. Perhaps they love the ocean and choose to do a beach wedding in California. Maybe they want to hand out special treats and cakes that feature aqua colors and fondant. Flour Power is the bakery to choose if you want to create a wedding cake with perfect fondant. You can visit or call the shop at (619) 697-4747. Maybe a couple has a favorite movie that has special meaning to them, and they wish to share their love of the film with wedding attendees. You can create a wedding cake based off of your favorite film by contacting the Grove Pastry Shop ( at 619-446-3277.

The wedding cake provides the perfect opportunity to express these special interests. Cake decorators can create the perfect wedding cake for the bride and groom. They may sculpt fondant in the shape of characters from your favorite Disney film, or they may sculpt a wedding cake with a beach theme. At Cute Cakes (, you will be able to create an edible work of cake art. You can contact this bakery at (760) 745-5278. Whatever your heart’s desire may be, you can make it happen when you meet with the cake artist of the bakery of your choice. Another shop that specializes in custom cake designs is Sweet Cheeks (, and you can contact the bakery at (619) 269-CAKE.

Open Your Mind to a Variety of Options

When choosing right San Diego wedding cake, it is important to keep an open mind. Maybe a majority of the people attending your wedding prefer other desserts too, such as macaroons. The cake shop that you choose may be able to help you choose other desserts to include with a wedding cake. Maybe you decide to surround a wedding cake with a row of colored macaroons to add an extra touch. One shop that specializes in macaroons is La Reine Des Macarons (, and you can call them at (858)243-4570.
You are not limited to only serve wedding cake on your special day. Other deserts can also be combined with the creation of your wedding cake. The French Gourmet ( can help you create a dessert tray to perfection, and you can call the bakery at (858) 488-1725.

Picking the Right Flavor

There are a variety of flavors to choose when building your ultimate cake. You are not restricted to only choose plain vanilla or chocolate cake for your special day. A specialty San Diego cake shop may be able to offer you options that you never thought were possible, such as raspberry or truffle cake. Maybe you are able to find a cake shop that offers a “whip cream cake” featuring Bavarian cream, raspberry and vanilla custard.

Chocolate mousse cake can also jazz up your wedding day. Wedding attendees will love a chocolate mousse cake that is topped with whipped cream and puree.

Perhaps you are a chocolate lover and want to incorporate this love into the wedding cake that you choose. Cake artists are able to cater to your desires in San Diego. You can find a bakery that will create a mouth-watering chocolate wedding cake that features hot fudge and chocolate truffles.

You can even step outside of the ordinary and choose a flavor like red velvet or carrot cake to serve your guests. Your wedding attendees may be pleasantly surprised to bite into a slice of wedding cake only to discover that it is not your typical run-of-the-mill cake flavor.

Be Innovative with Dessert Options

When you consider options that you have, it is important to know that your cake can be part of an entire dessert table. Some brides are increasingly choosing to make the wedding cake part of a greater dessert table open to guests. Maybe guests can snag some candy or espresso to enjoy along with their wedding cake. Twiggs Bakery ( specializes in the creation of custom-made wedding cakes and coffee. You can ensure that you offer guests a delicious fondant wedding cake by calling the bakery at 619-296-0616.

Guests may also enjoy a take-home treat from your wedding. You may create cupcakes out of the same wedding cake that was served. You can provide each guest with a box of cupcakes to take home and enjoy after the wedding festivities. Cupcakes tend to be a hit with guests and will ensure that they remember just how awesome your wedding day was.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

As you consider a variety of options for your big day, cake artists will help you bring your ideas to life. Harina Dulce ( is yet another gourmet bakery that will assist you in transforming dessert ideas into reality. You can contact this bakery by calling 619-261-9959. A great cake decorator or artist will work with you to understand what your exact wishes are. Whether you desire a particular flavor or artistic design, work with a bakery that respects your wishes. There are plenty of specialty cake shops in San Diego and surrounding areas to consider. You can find the exact type of wedding cake that brings life to your great ideas.


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