The Health Benefits of Surfing

If you love surfing, you know that there’s nothing more exhilarating than conquering those big waves. But did you know that this favorite pastime is not just enjoyable, but it can also be great for your body? That’s right, surfing has amazing health benefits! Read some of these health benefits below and you will be even more motivated to hang loose or hang ten at your favorite surfing spot!

Photo Credit Sean Evans ‏@SeanEvansPhoto

Photo credit Sean Evans from San Diego ‏@SeanEvansPhoto – visit

1. Surfing can strengthen your muscles.

Surfing works a variety of different muscles, such as those in your core, shoulders, back, and legs. Surfing actually gives your entire body a great work out! When you paddle, you work your upper body muscles and your core. Your legs get a premium low-resistance toning work out as you are balancing and riding those gnarly waves!

Photo Credit Chad_Tysick ‏@chadtysick

Photo Credit Chad_Tysick ‏from Carlsbad, CA @chadtysick – Visit!/profile/599181/

2. Surfing is good for your heart.

Surfing is a terrific way to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. The many moves and actions your body performs as you surf provide an excellent cardiovascular workout. Cardiovascular exercise is so important to heart health, and surfing provides that vital cardio action!

Photo Credit deloprojet ‏@deloprojet

Photo Credit deloprojet ‏@deloprojet – Visit

3. Surfing can help you lose weight.

When you surf, you burn on average around 400 calories per hour! Unlike tedious time spent walking on a treadmill, or repetitive exercises you do cooped up inside watching a television screen, the hours fly by when you’re out catching waves! When you surf, you will boost your metabolic rate, which will help you reach your weight loss goals and maintain your optimal weight. With surfing, you can burn massive amounts of calories quickly and have fun at the same time!

Photo Credit James Bess ‏@DaBess1  Instagram account @jbsohigh

Photo Credit James Bess ‏from San Diego – Twitter @DaBess1 – Instagram @jbsohigh

4. Surfing can help improve your mental and emotional health.

Simply being out in the serene setting of nature and hearing the peaceful sound of ocean waves can relax you and help you to let go of stress and anxiety. As you surf, your body will also produce endorphins. These natural chemicals released by your body as you exercise can boost your mood and give you positive feelings, help you enjoy better rest, and improve your self-esteem.

Photo Credit Yan de Bakker ‏@yandebakker

Photo Credit Yan de Bakker from  Nijmegen, NL. ‏@yandebakker

5. Surfing can provide your body with Vitamin D through exposure to sunlight.

Your body can reap several important benefits from the vitamin D absorbed by sunlight exposure as you surf. This vitamin D will help your body to build stronger bones. Vitamin D also helps keep your neuromuscular and immune systems properly regulated.

Photo Credit Nonna Pia's Balsamic ‏@nonnapias

Photo Credit Nonna Pia’s Balsamic ‏from Whistler, BC Canada @nonnapias – Visit

6. Surfing can improve your balance and coordination.

Getting up on the surfboard time after time and learning how to stay up can help you to develop superior balance and coordination. The more you surf, the longer you will be able to stay up on that surfboard due to those increased balancing and coordination skills. Though it may take patience, practice, and plenty of trial and error to balance on your board, nothing beats the feeling of triumph that comes with conquering a big wave!

Photo Credit UnitedActionApparel ‏@United_A_A

Photo Credit UnitedActionApparel from San Diego  ‏@United_A_A Uniting the action sports industry through high quality apparel and the variety of our products. Not only a brand, but a lifestyle, culture, and community.

7. Surfing can help you manage diabetes.

With all the other health benefits of surfing, why not consider surfing as a fun new way to help manage diabetes? For people who have diabetes, regular cardiovascular exercise will help encourage proper management of this condition. Exercise helps your muscles to use glucose. Diabetics, you can help get your sugar levels under control by catching some waves!

Photo Credit Samantha Mladjov ‏@samthebeachbum

Photo Credit Samantha Mladjov from the Bay Area ‏@samthebeachbum

8. Surfing can give you greater energy.

As with many other cardiovascular activities, surfing can boost your energy. Many people suffer from low energy. They drag through their days unable to keep pace with their busy schedules. Too often they end up relying on unhealthy amounts of caffeine or sugar in order to just make it through the day. Why not, instead, boost your energy with the thrilling natural high you can receive from surfing? Increased levels of energy can give you the ability to accomplish more in your day and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Photo Credit Walking Water ‏@walking_water

Photo Credit Walking Water from San Diego ‏@walking_water – Listen the Walking Water on iTunes

9. Surfing can increase your level of endurance.

Since surfing is such a fun activity, often you don’t really realize that you have been surfing for several hours. The fact that surfing can be so enjoyable that it makes you want to keep on going can help you to increase your level of endurance. You will find that you want to just keep looking for wave after wave, hoping to improve your skills. The more you surf, the more you will want to surf! And that has the natural effect of increasing your body’s ability to endure greater and longer amounts of exercise. You will notice that this increased level of endurance will help you with all kinds of activities beyond just surfing. So if you are looking for greater endurance, grab that surfboard and head to your favorite surfing spot!

Photo Credit Jules C ‏@JulesCdm

Photo Credit Jules C ‏@JulesCdm

10. Surfing can increase your flexibility.

When you surf, you learn skills that will help you to become more flexible. When you become more flexible, you can engage in a wider variety of activities without injuring yourself. Lack of flexibility can lead to painful pulled muscles or other injuries. So increase your level of flexibility by learning to maneuver those waves!

Photo Credit Desmond Ong ‏@RealDesmondOng

Photo Credit Desmond Ong ‏@RealDesmondOng – Visit

Photo Credit Jeremy Frazier ‏@frazier_jeremy

Photo Credit Jeremy Frazier from Las Cruces, NM ‏@frazier_jeremy

Photo Credit Sarah Lietz ‏@Sayimabird9

“DREAMER” Photo Credit Sarah Lietz from Los Angeles ‏@Sayimabird9

As you can see, surfing isn’t just fun, it’s a workout that will help your body to get in peak physical condition. You can enjoy the benefits of a happier mood, a healthier heart, weight loss, and a host of other benefits. So go grab your board! Surf’s up!

Photographers: thank you for sharing your gorgeous fun filled photos! We wish everyone a wonderful time in San Diego and hope to see you all one day at the Mission Valley Resort!  🌺 🌴🏄



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