San Diego’s Little Italy is the Ultimate Boredom Blaster

Photo Credit Simply Laur™ ‏@PoppinLauren

Photo Credit Simply Laur™ ‏@PoppinLauren

Little Italy in San Diego can be summed up in one word: exhilarating. This lively neighborhood brings a cool Mediterranean vibe to the downtown district. Designed to preserve and honor the area’s heritage, Little Italy is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary cultures. It’s a great place to visit with the entire family because there is so much to see and do.

Photo Credit Stan Melton ‏@BrownBagSD

Photo Credit Stan Melton ‏@BrownBagSD

Explore the Quaint Streets

You’ll find many points of interest strolling down any road in Little Italy, including fun retail spaces. Browsing the hip shops is an adventure on its own. Incredible boutiques offer a range of Italian-inspired products from clothing and accessories to home furnishings and small crafts. Be sure to check out the cute cottages of Fir Street Shops, which are filled with some very quirky selections.

Photo Credit Dior Novello ‏@musicalmuggle

Photo Credit Dior Novello ‏@musicalmuggle

Numerous galleries are peppered throughout the area as well. The Firehouse Museum has some fascinating firefighting relics on display that children and adults will enjoy. You’ll also find several unique fine-art galleries featuring local and international creations by respected artists. When you need a break from walking, stop by the gorgeous Amici Park and soak up more Italian culture.

Photo Credit Gabriel Sotomayor ‏@GabboGabboHey

Photo Credit Gabriel Sotomayor ‏@GabboGabboHey

Bring Your Appetite

For a genuine Italian experience, take time to explore the many restaurants, pubs, cafes and delis of Little Italy. Options range from the edgy Juniper & Ivy to the cozy Buon Appetito. If you’re looking for the real deal Italian Market, stop by Mona Lisa Italian Foods. Afterward, pop into Extraordinary Desserts for some delicious pastries, or enjoy a gelato on the patio of Caffe Italia.

Photo Credit Andi Holmgreen ‏@stxandi

We wish these Happy Honeymooners a bright future together!  Photo Credit Andi Holmgreen ‏@stxandi

You cannot visit Little Italy without sampling some pizza, and Filippi’s Pizza Grotto wins on authenticity and taste. We encourage all our guests to try Fillipi’s old-fashioned cuisine because we believe it truly is the best pizza restaurant in San Diego. After you fill up on the delectable dishes, stroll over to the Waterfront Bar and sip some adult beverages while mingling with locals and tourists.

Photo Credit Chris Doelle ‏@ChrisDoelle

Dinner time at Filippi’s Pizza Grotto – Photo Credit Chris Doelle ‏@ChrisDoelle –

Release Your Inner Tourist

Although it’s exciting to just take in the ambiance of Little Italy, special events tap into an adventure-seeking mindset. One way to make some solid memories is by attending the Taste of Little Italy on June 17. You’ll sample one-of-a-kind cuisine as you amble along tree-lined pathways and groove to live music. Be sure to take some trendy foodie photos of those mouthwatering apps, entrees, beverages and desserts.

Photo Credit Alex Munro Rankin ‏@alexmunrankin

Photo Credit Alex Munro Rankin ‏@alexmunrankin

Every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., you can stop by the Little Italy Mercato, where more than 150 vendors sell their prized plants, crafts, baked goods, pastas, coffees, produce and other specialties. From June to the end of August, you’ll be able to continue the fun at Amici Park’s Summer Film Festival. Also in August, the wildly talented Marine Band San Diego performs an outdoor concert.

Photo Credit Nina Francis ‏@ninafrancismus

Singer Songwriter Nina Francis playing for Art Walk. Photo Credit Nina Francis ‏

Enjoy the Vibrancy of the Italian Community

One undeniable attribute of Little Italy is the strong energy buzzing in the air. This mystifying zing is even more evident during the October Festa. The San Diego Sicilian Festival merged with this annual street fair, and each event celebrates the Italian heritage. An impressive array of vendors, musical entertainment, spectacular cuisine and stupefying artistry will blow your mind.

Photo Credit Melissa White ‏@_MelissaWhite_

Photo Credit Melissa White ‏@_MelissaWhite_

Photo Credit Sami ‏@SoCalWineDiva

Sculptor Art Walk 2015 – Photo Credit Sami ‏@SoCalWineDiva –

Photo Credit Cynthia Perez ‏@alamillacyn

Photo Credit Cynthia Perez ‏@alamillacyn

Photo Credit Patalia Nino ‏@natysizzle

After a few days in San Diego this visitor had the best pastries of her life in Little Italy! Photo Credit Patalia Nino ‏@natysizzle

Lunch time at Ironside Fish & Oyster - Photo Credit Kelly Johnson ‏@kellyjohnsonart

Lunch time at Ironside Fish & Oyster – Photo Credit Kelly Johnson ‏@kellyjohnsonart –

Inside Filippi's Pizza Grotto - Photo Credit Dine X Design ‏@dineXdesign

Inside Filippi’s Pizza Grotto – Photo Credit Dine X Design ‏@dineXdesign –

Photo Credit Michael A. Cheatham ‏@Cutofthevine

At Juniper & Ivy – Photo Credit Michael A. Cheatham ‏

Spectacular Morel toast at  Juniper & Ivy - Photo Credit postandjones ‏@postandjones

Spectacular Morel toast at Juniper & Ivy – Photo Credit postandjones ‏@postandjones –

Photo Credit Courtney Rogin ‏@courtneyrogin

Photo Credit Courtney Rogin ‏@courtneyrogin


The dynamics of this colorful neighborhood and the stunning waterfront views perfectly mimic the Italian Riviera. You’ll feel Italy’s electric spirit whether you’re zooming from point to point or relaxing and people watching in the beautiful Piazza Pescatore. If you long for a unique and unforgettable mini vacation with family or friends, discover the vitality, heart and soul of Little Italy.

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