Rock the Casbah in San Diego

San Diego nightlife is exciting because there is entertainment around every corner. Some places are just better than others, and the Casbah is one of the greats. Located in Middletown near downtown San Diego, this nightclub features live performances nearly every day of the week. If you enjoy seeing up-and-coming artists before they explode onto the music scene, it’s the place to be.

Fun and Friendly Atmosphere

This is not your typical oversized, overcrowded venue. The Casbah is small and very intimate. No matter where you are in the main room, you’ll have a good view of the talent. The site accommodates only 200 people, so it’s usually easy to get close to the stage. You can essentially look at artists directly in the eyes if you make it to the front row.

Local Indie Music

The Casbah supports and spotlights local singers and bands from the independent scene. A range of genres are represented, from rock to alternative. No matter who you see, it’s likely you won’t be disappointed. Some of the most skilled musicians have graced the Casbah stage and have gone on to become wildly successful in the mainstream scene.

Affordable Entertainment

The ticket prices are reasonable considering how close you can get to the artists. Drinks are also inexpensive, and the menu is typical of a smaller bar. To add to the value, there is an outdoor patio where you can relax and take a break from the music. The bartenders are incredibly attentive and personable, and you won’t wait long for those wallet-friendly drinks.

Unpretentious Charm

The décor throughout the bar is eclectic and unconventional. If you’re into the laid-back hipster vibe, you’ll love the Casbah. There is a game room with a full bar for anyone who wants a change of scenery. Play some pool, pinball or an awesome 80s video game, or just chat with other music fans. You may meet some locals who will share stories about their experiences at the bar.

Credit to Los Hollywood ‏@los_hollywood Photo by  Jason Bang

Credit to Los Hollywood ‏@los_hollywood Photo by Jason Bang

The original Pink Panther - Credit to Candice Eley ‏@CandiceSD

The original Pink Panther – Credit to Candice Eley ‏@CandiceSD

Grammatical B - Credit to Ted Washington ‏@tedwa

Grammatical B – Credit to Ted Washington ‏@tedwa

This legendary venue is a piece of San Diego history. With its crystal-clear sound system, subtle energy and brilliant performers, this is one of the coolest places you can go to hear live music. If you’re a young or young-at-heart music lover and you want to hear some exciting new sounds, head to the Casbah for a night of unforgettable fun.



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